The first step towards proper tree care is a consultation. These consultations take place on-site at your home, business, or other property, and provide an opportunity for you to discuss your tree care needs or ideas with an arborist in-person. By assessing your tree(s), our arborists can recommend effective solutions that align with your requirements and budget.

Pest & Disease ID

Health Assessment

Risk Assessment

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Construction Planning

Roots & Infrastructure

Tree Preservation

New Homeownership

Neighbor Relations

Tree Planting Plan

Expert Witness

Tree ID & Care Plans

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Villeda Tree Service is a company that specializes in tree care services for homeowners in Los Angeles. Our services include top-notch arborist consultation and tree care, and we are recognized for providing high-quality work. We prioritize the ethical treatment of the urban forest by making decisions that benefit each tree whenever feasible. If you need our services, please feel free to call, email, or complete our online form. We look forward to taking care of your trees!